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The Accord

Script writer

Co Producer


Banff Mountain Film Festival:

Winner, Award for Creative Excellence

Official Selection

Santa Cruz Surf Film Festival

Winner, best short

Winner, best cinematography

Winner, best soundtrack

Telluride Mountain Film Festival

Official Selection, World Premier

Paris Surf and Skateboard Film Festival

Winner, best surf short

Berlin Surf Film Festival

Winner, best cinematography

London Surf Film Festival

Offical selection

San Sebastian Surf Film Festibal

Offical selection

Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Offical selection

Carolina Surf Film Festival

Winner, Best Short Picture

Full-time musician, part-time snowboarder X  66 North

Snowboarding has always been of the utmost importance to Ívar Pétur Kjartansson, who is best known for his role as the drummer of the band FM Belfast.


“The only thing I think about is snowboarding. Even when I’m playing music. My snowboarding talents, however, did not come as naturally as the music and that is why I’m still involved in music, it pays the bills.”

Short documentary/social media campaign shot for 66 North.



Yeti Stories: My mom Vala


Co script writer


Part of the Yeti Stories, My Mom Vala is a portrait of a woman juggling her responsibilities as a mother and her love of fishing at her family’s lodge.

Nissan Navara X Heidar Logi

A social media and Tv commercial for the new Nissan Navara, documenting professional surfer Heidar Logi's adventures in the cold North.



Under an Arctic Sky

Water Cinematography

On Camera

Newport Beach Film Festival:

Audience Award

Official Selection

Tibeca Film Festival

Official Selection

Samsung, Every day is day one

Iceland Cinematography





A travelogue from the Faroe Islands for Boat Magazine. Shot entirely on an i-phone, with the support of Apple.